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Still here!

It’s been a busy year. Between a hectic day job and now, a new baby, I haven’t been on top of updates here. It’s been a while since MudScout released a new book, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes, helping some friends and clients with their book projects.

Since I last posted, we’ve reprinted the FUBAR book, Just Give’r: A Handguide By Terry and Dean.

Also, I worked on Kid Koala’s latest masterpiece, Space Cadet, a gorgeous and incredibly moving graphic novel that comes with a CD soundtrack.

I’ve also assisted a few clients get their books into print, guiding them through the process of self-publishing and overseeing everything from edits to layout, printing and distribution.

It’s all kept me pretty occupied. So, things might be quiet, but MudScout hasn’t gone anywhere!



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