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Still here!

It’s been a busy year. Between a hectic day job and now, a new baby, I haven’t been on top of updates here. It’s been a while since MudScout released a new book, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes, helping some friends and clients with their book projects.

Since I last posted, we’ve reprinted the FUBAR book, Just Give’r: A Handguide By Terry and Dean.

Also, I worked on Kid Koala’s latest masterpiece, Space Cadet, a gorgeous and incredibly moving graphic novel that comes with a CD soundtrack.

I’ve also assisted a few clients get their books into print, guiding them through the process of self-publishing and overseeing everything from edits to layout, printing and distribution.

It’s all kept me pretty occupied. So, things might be quiet, but MudScout hasn’t gone anywhere!


Lederhosen Lucil’s delightfully dark video for “Semi-Sweet.”

Lucil is returning to the stage with Kid Koala and his Short Attention Span Theatre Tour as part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad — get all the details here. Should be a great show. We still have a few copies of Lederhosen Lucil’s book, The Joy of Hosen, available for sale.


The Slew’s “It’s All Over.” Enjoy.

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Kid Koala & Lederhosen Lucil in Vancouver

If you’re in Vancouver in February for the 2010 Olympics, check out one of these shows (note that they’re in February, not Jan. as the link suggests. Try this link for reality. There’s the return of the legendary Short Attention Span Theatre (rooted in part in Kid Koala's book, Nufonia Must Fall, which I worked on back when I was still at ECW Press), as well as a rare appearance by Lederhosen Lucil. Lucil has all but hung up her hosen these days, so don’t miss this rare chance to see her live. And who knows when the Short Attention Span Theatre will return — I’m told this is a specially commissioned resurrection.

If you can’t make that show, check out one of Koala’s other DJ gigs and you might be fortunate enough to hear some music from his new project, The Slew (their album is called 100%). I’ll post a video from The Slew right after this. Hearing it blew my mind. Seriously. I don’t say that too often.